2020 and 2021 has been a different year than normal and we are all dealing with Covid-19. Covid-19 will probably stay and that is why you will find additional information about Covid-19 (Corona) and our situation here.

Both of our houses are at a small scale and at a distance from each other, away from other houses. That is a good start for a safer stay.

For us the following is important: 

  • Your safety
  • your family
  • Our nature for you to enjoy


Since the Covid-19 has been around since the beginning of 2020, please think upfront whether you want to make a reservation. When you make a reservation, the normal cancellation policy applies.

The best thing to do is to take out a travel insurance, as we have advised all our (previous) guests. Covid-19 is insured with the  Europäische Reiseversicherung, read the info HERE for the details with Europäische Versicherung.

A travel warning, fear of Covid-19 or any other excuse is no reason for cancellation and is therefor not insured.

There are no cancellation fees for:

  • Lockdown
  • Hotel closure
  • Border closure

European travel insurance

For your safety – more information about insurance click here

Check-in / out

Since we’ve been working with a key safe for a long time, we will continue to do so. The Tourist office of Seefeld has the digital registration so that you can fill out the important data at home before you arrive.

The guest card has been digitally improved – email us if you would like to have the paper guest card. We can leave the paper guest card in the apartment upon arrival.


  • We work with disinfectants cleaning detergents and the general area is regularly disinfected
  • All door handles are also regularly disinfected
  • There where hand contact is, will be regularly disinfected.


Covid rules during your stay in Austria

Arrivals to Austria currently do NOT need “3-G” proof (vaccinated/recovered or tested). During your stay, the following rules apply:

  • FFP 2 masks are no longer mandatory in essential shops and when using public transport in all Austrian federal provinces except for Vienna.
  • In Vienna only, FFP 2 masks remain compulsory on public transport and in pharmacies. Children under the age of 6 are exempt, those from 6 to 13 can wear a regular mask while FFP2 masks are mandatory from the age of 14.
  • Since 1 August, you do no longer need to quarantine if you have a positive Covid test provided that an FFP2 mask is worn indoors in public areas. Entry bans are only in place for particularly sensitive areas such as hospitals and health spas. Outdoors, a mask is not necessary if a 2 meter safety distance can be maintained. If the infection is not confirmed by the PCR test, the regulation does not apply. The regulation is generally valid for a maximum of 10 days from the time the sample is taken.

Find here links for more information about Covid-19 in Austria / Tyrol / region


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